What should I learn about Racism?

(#DrOdRacismProject) I am writing a book about racism.  'Why?' you might ask. Well, not because I have any expertise on the matter.  Not because I want to.  Not because it's easy.  Not because it's comfortable...  It's none of those things.  And there are a bazillion easier ways to get a cookie, so it's not that … Continue reading What should I learn about Racism?


Add Your Movie Review

I love (awful) disaster movies so much that I developed a system for reviewing them. And at the end of each year, the movies are all ranked to see which is the best of the worst movie reviewed in that year.  I got distracted by other writing for the last couple of years, but those reviews, and … Continue reading Add Your Movie Review

About Just for Fun Reviews

The reviews in the Just for Fun section are all about Opinions.  Mostly my opinions, but yours are invited too.  And they really are just for fun. You will see that most of the opinions already here are about fiction:  Mini-reviews of novels read.  So far, these are mostly disaster and post-apocalyptic genre tales, but there will no doubt … Continue reading About Just for Fun Reviews

Movie Review Criteria & Rating System

The qualities of old movies will of course be limited by the technology (etc) available at that time.  HOWEVER, in the fun spirit of things, we will of course evaluate  all movies according to our current expectations (yes, even the classics).  THE REASON?  It's simpler.  Besides, if a well-loved classic story wins an Awful award, … Continue reading Movie Review Criteria & Rating System

About the AW(ful/some) Awards!

These light-hearted informal AW Awards are a way to get even more fun out of watching disaster movies.  Well, I get fun out of it, and I think it would be even more fun to share. Your unscored reviews are welcome, of course.  But If they are scored according to my review criteria and rating system, they can also be included … Continue reading About the AW(ful/some) Awards!

Why students should make topic summaries

Keeping up with a lot of course content can be very stressful, especially when assignment due dates are looming or you see exams on the horizon.  The key to reducing that stress is to be organised, and one way you can organise your course content is to make summaries. Making summaries of (especially long and … Continue reading Why students should make topic summaries

Is a cheat sheet really what you want?

Call me a fuddy duddy, but I'm not a fan of the term 'cheat sheet'. All the dictionary definitions of 'cheat sheet' that I have seen refer to use of said sheet for the purpose of cheating.  The word 'cheat' gives me the creeps.  For an academic, dealing with cheating is a lot of work.  … Continue reading Is a cheat sheet really what you want?

Lost in Today’s Top 10 Best Sellers

There must be a word that describes what I feel when I settle myself on the sofa, only to remember that my Kindle is fully read. Betrayed, perhaps?  By a source of interest and entertainment and joy that I have bonded with so closely, and taken great care of, yet has nothing for me at … Continue reading Lost in Today’s Top 10 Best Sellers

Goodness Prevails amid Aussie Shitstorm

Resilience 101

One politician’s misinformed attempt to promote a confusing non-issue in Australia’s Marriage Equality survey has backfired.  A prominent comedian noticed the blunder and turned Senator Bernadi’s divisive tweet into a huge success for a group of Aussie kids trying to raise money to educate girls in Africa.

UntitledCraigburn Primary School hoped to raise $900, but the backlash against Senator Bernadi has resulted in a huge influx of donations from the public, totalling a whopping $258,905 (at the time of publication).

Let this be a lesson though.

In this era of “fake news” and “alternate facts”, when even political leaders are making fools of themselves by failing to check facts, it’s up to us ordinary people to learn to see propaganda for what it is.

It’s a low blow when politicians and others, without objective and rational arguments, appeal to parental emotions to sway adults’ perceptions away from truth –…

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Review: Day After Disaster, Uncut Edition

Day After Disaster: Uncut Edition by Sara F. Hathaway My rating: 3 of 5 stars It's probably fair to emphasise up front that I read the "Uncut Edition". At the time of purchasing it, I didn't think about that much, but now it occurs to me that instead of signifying a longer read, it might … Continue reading Review: Day After Disaster, Uncut Edition

An Oppressor in Activist Clothing

Resilience 101

by Dr Kerri O’Donnell.

My young adult daughter stumbled upon a Facebook post by a ‘Mommy’ who professes to be an Activist.  The woman describes herself on her official public figure Facebook page as: “I make videos. I rant. I speak places. I love my 10 kids and my hubby. I do it all because of Jesus. I am The Activist Mommy.”

My daughter was incensed by the particular post she found because it presented so many Alternate Facts, all in the name of Activism.  Alternate Facts which defied dictionary definitions, let alone freely accessible statistics.  A less generous person would say they are lies, but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and call it ignorance.

The post was ostensibly about genocide, and I had a look to see what the fuss was about.  What I found was a post about something that does not actually meet the…

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Desperate for a place to call Home

Resilience 101

My daughter and their partner have been living rough for almost three years.  Not on the streets, but not with the security of a place to call Home either.  Basically, they have been couch-surfing; staying in the spare rooms of friends or relatives while they continue applying for rentals.  Being so young (18 and 20), and students receiving government allowances, they have not been high on any rental agency’s priority list.

A couple of weeks ago, they were thrilled to receive a phone call from someone who had noticed they were searching for a rental property.  The interview and application process was handled via a series of about 40 emails, and several phone calls and texts with the property owner who explained that he travelled a lot for his work.

Rental Property advert One of the pics supplied in the scam – which would have been stolen from a legitimate property site.

My daughter was…

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One Man’s Opus by Boyd Craven III

5/5 stars. The main character is a fiction author.  I have been doing a lot of reading and learning about fiction writing lately, as well as about the other activities that indie authors need to know about - so I connected more than usual with the main character's interests, even if not with his activities. … Continue reading One Man’s Opus by Boyd Craven III

Take Your Writing Career To The Next Level at 20BooksVegas

The 20Books Vegas convention for Indie authors is in Las Vegas, from November 3-5, 2017. The conference fee is only $99 and that gets you coffee, tea, some snacks, and lunch on Saturday, as well as access to authors at all levels in their writing careers.

Kobo Writing Life

by Craig Martelle

Ready to take your writing career to the next level? 20Books Vegas — an independently published author convention by and for indies — will be a premier learning and networking event.

Do you publish wide? Are you exclusive to Amazon? Do you write one book a year? Or do you write one book every three weeks?

We are all at different levels in our journey. The information you need today will be different than what you needed three months ago or three months from now. Take a look and see how you can help others, see how you can help yourself.

At the end of the day, when one indie does well, we all do a little bit better. A rising tide floats all boats.

Keep climbing on your journey up the mountain. When things start to click, you may discover what some people call, life-changing money…

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Open for Comment: IESB Proposed Application Material relating to Professional Skepticism & Professional Judgment

How can experts tell whether a corporation is heading for a scandalous fail? Call it micro-management if you like, but it really is important to achieve greater understanding of how auditors assess risks, and how they assess the ways they think about assessing the risks and the evidence they gather to test the risk exposures. Professional … Continue reading Open for Comment: IESB Proposed Application Material relating to Professional Skepticism & Professional Judgment

Timely Advice from Stephen King

I've started Writer-School, and I'm so excited!    This notice arrived in this morning's email: We will be expected to read (a lot), write (a lot), and to engage with each other's writing. Plus a lot of other stuff that I can't remember right now.   Those who know me well will be smacking their foreheads … Continue reading Timely Advice from Stephen King

Readers, writers and industry professionals unite to fund cancer treatment.

Everyone loves when rock-stars donate their time and skills to help people out, right? Best-selling author (and generous mentor), Mark Dawson, is one such rock-star, donating all proceeds from his current novella to fund his friend's breast cancer treatment. All his professional team (editors, designers, formatters, etc) worked on it for free. Writers and readers … Continue reading Readers, writers and industry professionals unite to fund cancer treatment.

Mom: All Attitude

Nancy Roman recently published a blog article about her mother that really resonated with me. I think a lot about my mother, and what an excellent role-model she is, in her humble and unassuming way. She is the epitome of resilience, taking whatever life throws at her and turning it into good - always for … Continue reading Mom: All Attitude

Escape from L.A. (30%)

I bought an ex-rental copy of this movie when our local store had its closing-down sale. The cover artwork, and the blurb reference to 2013 being futuristic, let me know that this was an old movie, but that's okay by me.  The appealing part was that the lead character would "wade through LA's ruined landmarks … Continue reading Escape from L.A. (30%)