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Lost in Today’s Top 10 Best Sellers

There must be a word that describes what I feel when I settle myself on the sofa, only to remember that my Kindle is fully read. Betrayed, perhaps?  By a source of interest and entertainment and joy that I have bonded with so closely, and taken great care of, yet has nothing for me at… Continue reading Lost in Today’s Top 10 Best Sellers

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I have only two categories of books.  Regardless of the genre, or even whether it is fiction or non-fiction, a book with be either one that I respect the future owner of, or one that I love for myself. I treat them very differently. If I love a book, it will be (to others’ minds) abused. … Continue reading Forever-books

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About Just for Fun Reviews

The reviews in the Just for Fun section are all about Opinions.  Mostly my opinions, but yours are invited too.  And they really are just for fun. You will see that most of the opinions already here are about fiction:  Mini-reviews of novels read.  So far, these are mostly disaster and post-apocalyptic genre tales, but there will no doubt… Continue reading About Just for Fun Reviews

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Let the fun begin (again)!

I have always been a fan of reading.  I can't remember which books I read as a kid, but I do have many memories of reading books; and I knew by age 12 that I wanted to become a writer, so reading must have made a huge impression on me. Flash forward three or four… Continue reading Let the fun begin (again)!

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What I’m Reading in 2014

I read such a lot and my book shelves are so full that I've resorted to using a Kindle and a library card.  I can get lost for hours in websites such as Amazon, filling up my Wish List, reading and writing reviews, communicating with other readers (and sometimes authors too!), and of course recharging my… Continue reading What I’m Reading in 2014