Lost in Today’s Top 10 Best Sellers

There must be a word that describes what I feel when I settle myself on the sofa, only to remember that my Kindle is fully read. Betrayed, perhaps?  By a source of interest and entertainment and joy that I have bonded with so closely, and taken great care of, yet has nothing for me at... Continue Reading →


Book Review: 1984

1984 by George Orwell My rating: 5 of 5 stars I first rated this book 4 stars because I felt so dissatisfied with the story. But that's the point. The story is meant to be discomforting. The characters are meant to be flawed. The writing is flawless. I sought this book out because it is... Continue Reading →


I have only two categories of books.  Regardless of the genre, or even whether it is fiction or non-fiction, a book with be either one that I respect the future owner of, or one that I love for myself. I treat them very differently. If I love a book, it will be (to others’ minds) abused. ... Continue Reading →

Escape from L.A. (30%)

I bought an ex-rental copy of this movie when our local store had its closing-down sale. The cover artwork, and the blurb reference to 2013 being futuristic, let me know that this was an old movie, but that's okay by me.  The appealing part was that the lead character would "wade through LA's ruined landmarks... Continue Reading →

Pompeii (91%)

Story: 4.5/5  The story is about the central character, a gladiator, whose presence in Pompeii coincided with when Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79AD.  Some of the scenes are brutal, but given the time in history, I found the violence to be integral rather than gratuitous; perhaps even tamer than I can imagine such a life might... Continue Reading →

Add Your Movie Review

I love (awful) disaster movies so much that I developed a system for reviewing them. And at the end of each year, the movies are all ranked to see which is the best of the worst movie reviewed in that year.  I got distracted by other writing for the last couple of years, but those reviews, and... Continue Reading →

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About Just for Fun Reviews

The reviews in the Just for Fun section are all about Opinions.  Mostly my opinions, but yours are invited too.  And they really are just for fun. You will see that most of the opinions already here are about fiction:  Mini-reviews of novels read.  So far, these are mostly disaster and post-apocalyptic genre tales, but there will no doubt... Continue Reading →

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Absolute Zero (score 57.8%)

With Jeff Fahey and Erika Elleniak [Some reviews, such as this one, are not particularly descriptive.  I will do better in future.] Story  1.5 "because science is never wrong"…  The biggest problem with that is all the 'science' in the movie. Direction (incl cinematography) 1.5 nice helicopter shots Acting 2 David x (Jeff Fahey?) … Fahey is... Continue Reading →

2014’s AW awards go to…

AWful… congratulations to Faultline for being voted the best worst disaster movie reviewed at On That Note in 2014. and AWsome... congratulations to Nuclear Hurricane for ranking as the most awesome disaster movie reviewed at On That Note in 2014. The list of candidates was very small during this first year of reviewing, so the competition was... Continue Reading →

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