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Public Input via Facebook (2)

A great thing WW could learn about racism is that it exists in large and small forms, systematic to micro aggression. They don't meet to feel guilty for being white, but recognize their skin comes with some built in social privilege. If they would like to help erase racism it begins with listening to PoC… Continue reading Public Input via Facebook (2)

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Public Input via Facebook (1)

One week ago, I published a piece which asked readers to Comment their thoughts about what I should learn about racism.  That piece was shared to my Facebook page in the hope that I could reach a wider audience, and thereby gather more input.  Although my Facebook page is very new, and has few followers,… Continue reading Public Input via Facebook (1)

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What should I learn about Racism?

(#DrOdRacismProject) I am writing a book about racism.  'Why?' you might ask. Well, not because I have any expertise on the matter.  Not because I want to.  Not because it's easy.  Not because it's comfortable...  It's none of those things.  And there are a bazillion easier ways to get a cookie, so it's not that… Continue reading What should I learn about Racism?

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Australia’s Freedom of Hate-Speech

Resilience 101

Prime Minister Turnbull wants to change our Racial Discrimination Act to increase freedom of speech (1).  I have never heard any Australian complain that we have a freedom of speech problem, so this makes no sense whatsoever.  Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce agrees, stating that our Racial Discrimination Act is not a problem (3).

But the proposed changes would be.

ABC News reports the following exchange (1) during parliament question time:

Labor MP Anne Aly sought to clarify what the Prime Minister meant by increasing freedom of speech.  As someone who has been subjected to racism time and time again … please give me an answer:  What exactly does the Prime Minister want people to be able to say that they cannot say now?” she asked.

The Prime Minister deflected, saying Australians were entitled to speak freely.  “It is one of our fundamental rights and we are…

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