2017’s AW awards go to…

AWful award

Congratulations to Escape from LA for being voted the best worst disaster movie I reviewed during 2017.  It’s score was only 30%.

AWsome award

Congratulations to San Andreas for ranking as the most awesome disaster movie that I reviewed in 2017, winning with a score of 95.7%.   You can read my review here.

For their achievements, these movies are rewarded with yet more mentions on my blog, and a large bunch of warm fuzzies. 

I didn’t publish many reviews in 2017, but I must have been extra motivated to publish these ones because they were the most extreme.

My overall best ranked movie since 2014 is:

2017  San Andreas (95.7)

And my overall worst ranked (but no less loved) since 2014 is:

2017 Escape from LA (30)

There are a heap more movies in my to-be-reviewed pile, so it looks like I’ll have to put in better effort in 2018 – watching more movies!

Happy New Year!

Kerri sign-off


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