Owning It can be Intimidating

Good writing takes time. And it seems to be a universal truth that writers need some other way of supporting themselves financially until they have a successful catalog of publications that earns them the title of ‘full-time author’. Of course I aspire to that, but I also aspire to pay the bills while building that catalog. As we all do. It’s a fact of life, so I’ve decided to own it.

I designed the #mojo range when I was trying to find the balance of being self-sufficient while producing all the book ideas I’ve been sitting on through all the years I didn’t have ‘time’. It’s meaningful: It’s about Owning It. It’s about believing in yourself.

I guess it’s my swag! lol

So now I’ve chosen to shamelessly promote #mojo ahead of the 2017 holiday season, but the choice did not come easily. It feels weird; awkward. It’s not what I signed up for when I sat down to write.  I believed, at first, that I could remain relatively anonymous as a writer; working in isolation and plonking my output on Amazon.  The end.

But that’s not how it works.  We have to connect and we have to own it. That can be a real challenge for those of us who really enjoy living in the quiet zone of creative solitude.

I’m grateful to have discovered #mojo: I believe in its message, and I believe in me. Of course I’m not going to ask my fellow writers to buy from me, but I do ask you to do three things, please.

  1. Let me know, in the comments, what approach you think is best for finding the balance between self-sufficiency and time for creativity.  That is, how do you manage your own professional mojo?
  2. Please share my #mojo store to help me get the word out to those who might want to give some #mojo this holiday season; and
  3. If you have swag/merchandise, or you are an affiliate marketer, or if you have a book already on the market, post your link in the comments.  Let’s support each other!

Show us your mojo!

Until next time,

Kerri sign-off




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