Book Review: Fever

Fever by Jacqueline Druga

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have read a lot of Druga’s books, so I can be considered a long-term fan; but I am still so frustrated that it doesn’t feel right to award 5 stars.

‘Fever’ is a great example of one I really enjoyed. I’m attracted to her books because I think she is a highly engaging story weaver. I love being immersed in a story. And Druga has so many books published that I respect her story ideas even more. However… I do wish she would engage a better editor. In this book, there are various sections that are littered with unnecessary errors that any decent proof-reader should pick up, and the effect is to throw the reader (me) straight out of the story and into a grumpy mess of “what happened there?”.

Most of the time, I felt right there in the story, along with the characters, so being thrown out felt like I didn’t matter; irrelevant and superfluous to the story telling process. [Please authors, get rid of the errors. Please?]

All that said, I’d still recommend this book to fans of dystopian fiction. There are not many characters, so it’s easy to immerse into the scenarios and to envision the environments and experiences in the story. There are also some scenes that were surprisingly effective in an emotional sense, being those which I didn’t see coming (such as dialogue in the scene with the Sergeant).

I will read more of Druga’s work. It’s not complex literature, but it’s a style of story telling that appeals to me And I hope that next time I can give it 5 stars.

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