San Andreas review: 95.7%

I saw this for about the third time, and I finally remembered to make notes using my review template.  It’s now the middle of 2017, but better late than never, right?

Story: 5/5  It’s a pretty standard formula, but there are plenty of twists.  Not only in the plot, but in the visual elements of the story.  They’re not all the most brilliant of twists, but they just keep coming and coming, and I loved it!

In addition to the standard plot, it’s rather predictable that the San Andreas fault would feature in yet another movie.  Perhaps that’s because it’s such a horrifying thought for such a lot of people.  I remember thinking about earthquakes before going to California in real life, and wondering time and again why people would want to live in a place with such fault risks – however improbable.  But as it turned out, the possibility of a quake didn’t cross my mind at all while I was there.  Why? That’s anybody’s guess; but perhaps we were on a Disneyland high the whole time.  In any case, it’s different to watch any San Andreas fault movies after having been in the vicinity – but this story’s score would be the same either way, because it’s such a visual onslaught.

Direction:  5/5  I can’t pick anything out to comment on.  But generally speaking, I thought that there were a lot of very interesting choices made.  Some classic (such as those inside the building), and some unexpected settings that were instrumental in maintaining momentum and attention.

Acting:  3.5/5  Some moments were way more convincing than others.  There are few places where the acting was a bit sad in the wrong kind of way, but not so much as to distract attention away for too long or to detract from overall appreciation of the movie.

Lighting/Sound: 5/5  So perhaps the sound effects weren’t all 100% convincing, but I thought it was made up for by well-timed absences of sounds.

Music:  5/5  The right kinds of emotive sounds in the right places.

Special Effects:  5/5  I’m old enough to remember when green screens were some kinda special magic.  Perhaps that influences my perception of what’s great.  In any case, the effects in this movie are super-impressive.  The variety and scale of computer generated effects had me glued so that I wouldn’t miss any details.  All the same, there were so many details, there’s no way to see it all in one sitting.

Engagement:  5/5  Although absolutely slammed by other reviewers, I sat riveted every time I saw it.  Daniel’s feature moment is a stunner.

Overall, I’ve rated this movie 33.5/35 = 95.7%

… and I know I will see it again, because I bought my own copy.  If you don’t already have yours, here’s the link:


See the official Warner Bros trailer at 


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