Nervous about Public Speaking?

Resilience 101

by Dr Kerri O’Donnell

The difference between excitement and nervousness is that
excitement is knowing what to expect
nervousness is not knowing what to expect.

Many people dread public speaking.

The secret to overcoming this is to prepare for the worst.  Then, when you are prepared, you are free to achieve your best.  That’s easier, and more positive, than it sounds.  Preparing can even be really humorous.

But what’s the worst that can happen?  In most cases, people fear that they will forget what to say.  Or that they will trip over, or make fools of themselves in some other slapstick and horribly embarrassing way.  But I’ve made about 3,000 public speeches, in one form or another, and have seen thousands more – and I promise you that I’ve never seen anything terrible happen in real life.  (The worst I’ve seen is Boring, and I’ll get to that later.)

The trick…

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