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I love (awful) disaster movies so much that I developed a system for reviewing them. And at the end of each year, the movies are all ranked to see which is the best of the worst movie reviewed in that year.  I got distracted by other writing for the last couple of years, but those reviews, and retrospective best/worst awards, will be uploaded soon; and then I’ll get on with watching more movies.  Yay.  Here is where your opinions come in… I can’t be sitting around watching movies every day (sadly), because I’ve got novels to read (oh, and a job to do, and kids to raise, and a fruitless property to tend, and a house to keep…), so it will need to be a collaborative effort.

Your reviews are invited, regardless of whether you use your own system, mine, or none at all.  But if you use the same scoring method as I do, your review can also be included in the annual rankings because the scores will be comparable.  (Maybe not in a scientifically rigorous way, but enough for this purpose.)

Multiple reviews of the same movie are welcome:  If there are differences between reviews of a single movie, an average of the ratings will be used.  If there are major differences, the Comments section could be a heap of good-hearted fun!

How to Add Your Review

  1. If I have already reviewed the same movie in any year, please submit your review in the Comments section of my review.  That will keep the different versions (and other comments) together.  Enter the movie title in the search box if you are not sure.  I will keep track of the scores for the current year, regardless.
  2. Otherwise, please upload your movie reviews via the form below, so I can convert them to new full posts.  They will be attributed to whatever name you use to identify yourself in the upload form.
  3. If you have reviewed the same movie on another site, please post a link to your published review. 

So next time you sit down to enjoy a new disaster movie, take notes, and take part in what will hopefully become a really fun forum!

Review scoring method

I score out of 5 marks for each of four standard categories, and then divide the total marks by the number of categories to get an overall score.  Sometimes, a few other categories are relevant, so I just add them in.  After dividing by the number of categories, multiply by 100 to get an overall score as a percentage.  Percentage scores allow comparisons, regardless of how many categories are used.

The standard categories are:

  • story (interpret this however you like – a story can be totally incredulous, but still clever)
  • acting
  • direction (because not everything can be blamed on the actors)
  • engagement (it might be dreadful, but you just can take your eyes off it)

Total possible marks for the standard categories is 20, so if you only use these ones, divide your marks by 20.

Optional categories are:

  • sets / locations
  • lighting
  • sound / music
  • special effects
  • costumes & makeup

You might think of others.  In any case, if you use percentage scoring, please remember to include the score when you submit your review.


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