Just for Fun, Reading

Let the fun begin (again)!

I have always been a fan of reading.  I can’t remember which books I read as a kid, but I do have many memories of reading books; and I knew by age 12 that I wanted to become a writer, so reading must have made a huge impression on me.

Flash forward three or four decades to 2013, and almost all the books I was reading fit into the same genre: Disaster.  They included historical and fictional accounts of natural and man-made scenarios, along with some apocalyptic and dystopian contexts.  The ways that the people and characters behaved in all those situations really fascinated me.  Would I be as resourceful and resilient as them?  Would most people?

Most of my friends reckon I would not survive a zombie apocalypse.  Very funny.  But I don’t read about zombies.  And my questions remain.

Then, in 2014, I realised I was watching a ton of disaster movies as well. Actually, in those days I didn’t have time to watch what others would consider “many”, but whenever I could take time out to watch a movie, it was always a disaster movie.

Things started looking very familiar, and (embarassingly enough) I realised that I was re-watching the same movies because I couldn’t remember titles and details… I sometimes rented movies that I’d either rented before, or that I actually owned.  Fortunately, by this time I’d switched to Kindle, and Amazon kindly reminded me when I attempted to buy books that I’d already bought.  (PS: I didn’t actually have a memory problem – just a very overloaded memory that made strategic choices about what to cram in.)

So I started posting reviews of both books and movies to a blog called On That Note.  In the beginning, they were mainly reminders to myself – not only to track titles and be reminded of content, but so I could also remember my favourite authors’ names when I went looking for new titles.  But others followed the site, and I enjoyed the sense of community.

To On That Note followers, I am sorry that I haven’t uploaded any reviews for such a long time.  I did write them, but I did not allow myself the joy of uploading them and participating in the online community of like-minded readers and viewers because I had to get my darned PhD thesis finished.  It was taking sooo long that I stopped doing everything else except for my full-time job (which is the reason I had to do another degree) and looking after my kids.  But – now it’s over, and the fun begins again!

The only difference is that all the On That Note content has moved to my author site, where it appears under the Just for Fun menu category.  (No, I have not yet published any of my novels – but publication is definitely on the agenda for the near future.  In the meantime, my fiction reviews will just have to make friends with my non-fiction content.)

As soon as possible, I will upload all the more recent/unpublished reviews written on slips of paper all over my house, and then get stuck into this year’s viewing and reading.  Yay!  I can’t express how keen I am for this.


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