Sea Ghost (score 49%)

With Billy Warlock, Jim Thorburn, Kiara Hunter

It appears that this movie might have cost quite a lot, but a good film isn’t all about the money.  I think this would have been a much better film if all the illusions, military shots, and the weird CIA sub-plot were all cut out.  Greater focus on the main plot would have provided scope for improved attention to consistency and quality: maybe even achieving some tension.

Story – 1.5
I was buying the plot until Cindy turned up.

Direction (incl cinematography) – 1
Some nice shots, but also some very cheap ones.  It would have been handy if the director had made a decision about the actual form that the critter would take: blistery parasite, or million-tentacle thingy, or infinitely long tentacle thingy.  And how many are there?  Too many unexplained inconsistencies.

Acting – 1
As is so often the case, there is a huge variety of acting skill in this cast.  Mostly very terrible though.

Set – 4.5

Lx & sound – 4
Added value.

Music – 2.5
Some nice ideas and moments in the music, but overall, the repetition and failure to ebb/flow (as it were) was very annoying before even the opening credits had finished.  Some nice brief moments within the film though.

Special effects (incl stunts) – 2

Engagement – 2

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