Madness Rules (The Survivalist, book 4), by Arthur T. Bradley

Yet another installment that I found difficult to put down in order to do daily life things.

Everything I’ve said about the previous 3 novels in the series holds for this one too, but this has a slightly different tone from time to time.  There is, for example, a lot more sex.  I’m not convinced that every sex scene adds value, but they’re not gross either.  The same goes for the “zombies” really.  (Never fear, they’re not REAL zombies!)  They’re a small part of the story, and I think Bradley writes so well that he could have delivered the same problem scenarios with a viral side-effect that manifested in a more mental than physical way.    Nonetheless, I’m still hooked in the story, for sure.

The only disappointing thing is that I have to wait until December for the release  of the fifth book.  🙂

Click image to view at Amazon
Click image to view at Amazon


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