Lava Storm (score 38%)

With Valerie Valois and Ian Zierling.

This movie is an award contender!

Story – 1
The sea of lava prompted Emergency Response people to go into a tight cave??  And then underground again… It is painful to watch their bad decisions.  The ‘fallible human’ aspect is probably a lot more realistic than most stories, but these characters are extraordinarily stupid.

Direction – 0.5
I don’t really understand why all the strange camera tilts.  Are they to stop us being bored by the, um, story?  There were consistencies that suggest decisions were made, so marks are given for effort.

Acting – 0.5
I very much liked Grandpa’s “love” speech.  Maybe that was the point of the movie, which would make sense of all the photo business.  The rest was very, very ordinary.

Set – 4

Lx & sound  – 2
Interesting ‘lava’ reflections on the cave walls…

Music – 2
Way too happy at the end.

Special effects (incl stunts) – 1

Engagement  – 3
I was waiting for more to happen.  I certainly did NOT expect the ‘ending’.  I would not ever expect that ending.

Click image to view at eBay
Click image to view at eBay

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