The Apocalypse: The day heaven and earth collide (51%)

With Rhett Giles, Jill Stapley and Kristen Quintrall

Story – 4
The rating states “religious themes”, and the movie is made by Faith Films, but I still didn’t expect this to be more than an asteroid movie.  Despite being someone who’d be left behind in this particular scenario, I found this a nice change from the standard asteroid story line.

Direction (incl cinematography) – 3

Acting – 1

Set – 4.5
Very nice locations.  Great rubble in LA (though the streets were completely clear)

Lx & sound – 0
Right at the beginning, I was a bit miffed that the sound effects did not match the meteor strikes.  Some were silent; others were loud.  The interior scenes audio is very bouncy.  Weird hail sounds.  Interesting that Lindsay only reacted to one of the many helicopter sounds buzzing near her.

Music – 2
Fitting for a religious film, especially the ending credits, but I’m not sure that the opening credits scene warranted a choral overture.  By the time the dead fish turned up, I was quite over hearing violins.  It’s lovely music, but a ballet would do it much more justice than this movie does; or some more judicious dubbing so that it matched the scenes better.

Special effects (incl stunts) – 2
The meteor trajectories were wildly inconsistent, which always adds a layer of incredulity.  Very interesting orange-fog tornado effect in the two interior hiding places.

Engagement – 4
There’s usually plenty to look at, and I didn’t want to miss anything.


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