Solar Destruction (79%)

Tracey Gold & Michelle Clunie

I thought this movie was far better than the sum of its parts.  My teenaged daughter and I were totally enthralled.  There are some laughs, some tension, some corny moments, and an awesome ‘gay’ moment of the likes there should be more of in entertainment media (don’t blink or you’ll miss it though).

Story – 4.5
The connection between the train crash and solar flare seems very tenuous.

Direction (incl cinematography) – 5

Acting – 3.5
Some really good moments (including some humorous ones) from the mother, son and coach, but they’re offset by some rather tragic acting across the board.

Set – 4

Lx & sound – 3

Music – 4

Special effects (incl stunts) – 2

Engagement – 5


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