Meteor Apocalypse (80%)

With Joe Lando & Claudia Christian

Story – 4
I’m not sure why such a strange conversation with the president happens after the launch is “good to go”, and I’m curious as to why ALL the meteors would head toward earth, but other than that, I think the premise is good.

Direction (incl cinematography) – 4
Nice opening footage – good quality shots set expectations at the beginning that this will be a visually appealing film.  I thought it a very nice touch that the seat belt was put on the ‘unconscious’ girl just like a guy would who was a bit overwhelmed.  The ending struck me as rather odd.

Acting – 3
A bit of everything from the cast.  No standout great acting, but I did note a very nice moment by the guy who initiates the launch at the beginning.

Set – 5
Locations all worked for me.  Someone put a lot of work into it.

Lx & sound – 5
Nice, moody.

Music – 4
The score, coupled with short shots at the beginning, builds tension and an expectation that something exciting will happen.  Not intrusive, and overall I found it added value.

Special effects (incl stunts) – 4
Loved the meteor shower, including the explosions on impact.  Mid-way though the movie, I noticed that some of the meteors landed from different directions, which was a bit weird.

Engagement – 3
I admit to playing a game of Spider Solitaire towards the end.


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