Frontier Justice (The Survivalist, book 1), by Arthur T. Bradley

5 / 5 stars

The first thing I noticed about this novel is that it is well written in terms of compiling the English language.  I found no errors at all – apart from a strange overabundance of commas in a couple of italicised sections… but Bradley obviously has such a strong command of language that there may have been a purpose for them??  I don’t know, but I’m not concerned either.  It was just lovely to read something that is otherwise so nicely crafted.

The characters are knowable, and likeable.  It seemed fitting that there were some ‘ye olde favourite’ character types in the mix, because it created a sense of familiarity/belonging, which I think is often lacking in many other doomsday stories.  Readers want to be pulled into the environment, and it’s worked for me.  That said though, I did not find any characters so stereotyped that they do not add interest, and there was no action so odd-ball that it didn’t fit.  However, I look forward to finding out what’s going on with the survivors, and hopefully it won’t get as odd as the Vice President character would make out.

Anyway, I want to know more about what happens to the people, and to Boone, so I’ve already downloaded the second in the series.  Keen to stop typing now and just get into that.

Click image to view at Amazon
Click image to view at Amazon


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