About the AW(ful/some) Awards!

These light-hearted informal AW Awards are a way to get even more fun out of watching disaster movies.  Well, I get fun out of it, and I think it would be even more fun to share.

Your unscored reviews are welcome, of course.  But If they are scored according to my review criteria and rating system, they can also be included in the annual ranking for awards.

Together, let’s find the best of the best, and the best of the worst!


  • An ‘award’ consists of an online post stating: “AW… congratulations to [] for being voted the best worst disaster movie reviewed at this site in 20xx”, or “AW… congratulations to [] for ranking as the most awesome disaster movie reviewed at this site in 20xx”.
  • This is just a fun activity, by and for those who enjoy disaster movies.  It involves personal opinions, and it is not intended to cause any offense to anyone.

  • Rankings apply to movies reviewed during the year; not released that year.  Movies from any year can be reviewed at any time.

  • The cutoff for nominations to annual rankings is midnight on 23rd December of each year.  All the reviews for the year will be compiled and posted by midnight on 31st December.  (I hope.)
  • Click here to view the Review criteria and rating system.

You can see the criteria and the upload form HERE.

Happy (re)viewing!


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