Anarchy Rising (The Survivalist, book 2), by Arthur T. Bradley

5 / 5 stars

My favourite character so far is Samantha, and the dry wit repartee between her and Tanner had me laughing out loud.  There are more extreme personalities in this instalment, but most of the time it seems to reinforce the new reality.  I don’t mean extreme in the sense that Tanner is; I mean the way the Vice President is, along with some of the town leaders encountered.

During this book, I was occasionally surprised by events that made me aware of reading with a geographic filter.  Not saying that people don’t go to extremes in Australia, or that more people wouldn’t do so under that sort of pressure, but our country does not have such widespread gun ownership or access to gunpower, so I’m sure that things would play out a bit differently here.  Of course human elements would be the same; community spirit yes; and violence yes; but I’m sure that plays for power would be very, very different.  This is an observation rather than a criticism though – the book is firmly set in America, and I an international audience member.  It’s only fair that all over the world, arguments would have to be settled by whatever means are available:  However, it would be awesome if Bradley would use his skills to generate a novel of this nature that is set in a country such as mine.   Then again, perhaps that would be more of a psychological drama; more pedestrian (and maybe less marketable) than the non-stop action in the thriller at hand…

Non-stop it is.  This is full-blown action that would definitely make for a visually amazing and adrenaline packed movie!  If such a thing ever happens, I hope they stay true to the characters of Sam, Tanner and Mason.  I’ve firmly bonded with all of them now, and I’m keen to follow more of their journeys.

So much so that, at the expense of all else I should be doing right now… On to book 3.

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Click image to view at Amazon


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