The Atlantis Gene: The Origin Mystery (book 1) by A.G. Riddle

Reviewed at Amazon on 26 August, 2014.

This is the first of Riddle’s books that I have read, and it won’t be the last.  I’ve already downloaded the Kindle edition of the second offering in the Atlantis series, The Atlantis Plague, and I can barely wait to get started on it.

Apparently this is Riddle’s first novel, and I must say I’m impressed by his ability to shape and develop characters.  They are more than the stereotypical types we see in movies and read about in most books, especially in the apocalypse genre.  Actually, I even got a bit confused at times, keeping track of who was who, but there’s a strong element of ‘who dunnit’ type intrigue, so perhaps my confusion is more about my unpreparedness for that level of thinking than about Riddle’s writing.

I’m impressed also by his style of writing, in that he painted pictures for me that kept me inside the story.  And (wait for it!) I didn’t see ANY errors to pull me out of that story.  This is so refreshing in a Kindle edition.

The only faults I can muster are a bit of repetition in various explanations of the background to the Atlantis gene.  I was a little confused about who knew what, and how they knew it – but again, that may have been me not keeping track properly. Also, I’m still not clear about the dual motivations of a small survival group and/or an army – about who wanted what, and why, really.  However, at this point I should disclose that I was unwell during reading, and picked up a novel to pass the time – I did not expect it to be more than mere idle time, but the surprise was welcome.

This novel will appeal to readers of the genre who are interested in taking it up a notch, with more intrigue and twists.  There are a lot of twists so look out!  It should also appeal to readers who do not ordinarily read apocalyptic tales, such as those into who dunnits and … I do not want to give away spoiler info.  Let’s just say it should appeal to a broad audience.

PS: I noted whilst purchasing the second novel a blurb stating that The Atlantis Gene is to be made into a major movie.  I’m not surprised.  And yes, I’ll definitely see it.

I think this signals huge promise for Riddle’s career as an author.  Now for the next instalment…

Click here to view at Amazon
Click here to view at Amazon


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