What I’m Reading in 2014

I read such a lot and my book shelves are so full that I’ve resorted to using a Kindle and a library card.  I can get lost for hours in websites such as Amazon, filling up my Wish List, reading and writing reviews, communicating with other readers (and sometimes authors too!), and of course recharging my Kindle…

You will notice that ‘apocalypse’ and other, more specified, disasters are recurring themes.  That’s not because I’m morbid though!  My interest is not in destruction, or being an avid prepper – it is in human resilience.

Most of us live in environments of plenty, with technology and commerce all around.  I think that’s a lot more fragile than it seems.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in all that and not think very deeply (or at all) about what we really need, or who we really are without all those bells and whistles.  But that’s an aside: Resilience is about more than surviving without a smart phone or infinite debt capacity.  For me, it’s about getting up again in all kinds of situations.  It’s interesting for me to read others’ ideas about the kinds of coping skills their characters might have when their bells and whistles are out of action.

But of course there are real people in the world who do fight for survival.  For real.  Their stories are more interesting, and infinitely more important, and I read them when I can cope with them.

Isaura (Aberrant book 3), by Ruth Silver

Moirai (Aberrant book 2), by Ruth Silver

Aberrant, by Ruth Silver
* more futuristic/sci-fi adventure than a traditional disaster story, but I liked it a lot

Day Zero (The Zero Trilogy Book 1), by Summer Lane

The Reaping (The Burn Book 3), by Annie Oldham

Infraction (The Burn Book 2), by Annie Oldham

The Burn, by Annie Oldham
* a bit of a futuristic ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ type feel.  I think teens and young adults would like this series.  That said, I’m almost 50, and I do…

Protocol One, by Jacqueline Druga

Contagious (The Contagium Series Book 1), by Emily Goodwin
* only a few pages because it turned out to be a zombie story 😦

Doomsday Prepping Crash Course: The Ultimate Preppers Guide to Getting Prepared When You’re on a Tight Budget, by Patty Hahne
* Non-fiction: I thought it would be fun to see how much of a typical apocalypse tale is straight from one of these books, but it turned out there was hardly anything in this one.  Very disappointing.

After the Dust Settled (Countdown to Armageddon book 2), by Darrell Maloney

Rise from The Ashes: The Rebirth of San Antonio (Countdown to Armageddon book 3), by Darrell Maloney.
NB: I’ve seen this listed as Book 4, however the author’s series page has it in 3rd position.

An Undeclared War (Countdown to Armageddon book 4), by Darrell Maloney

Countdown to Armageddon (Book 1), by Darrell Maloney

The Cleansing, by Darrell Maloney

Alone Book 2: An Unkind Winter, by Darrell Maloney

Alone Book 1: Facing Armageddon, by Darrell Maloney

Finding Their Path, by Travis Mohrman

Further Down the Path (Down The Path 2), by Travis Mohrman

Down The Path, by Travis Mohrman

Innocence Lost: Book 3 of the After the Event Series, by T. A. Williams

The Remnants: Book 2 of the After the Event Series, by T. A. Williams

After the Event: Book 1 of the After the Event Series, by T. A. Williams

The Gemini Virus, by Will Mara

Last Woman 2, by Jacqueline Druga

Bonkers: My Life in Laughs, by Jennifer Saunders
* Autobiography: Just for something different 🙂

Madness Rules (The Survivalist, book 4), by Arthur T. Bradley

The McClane Apocalypse: Book 1, by Kate Morris

Judgment Day (The Survivalist, book 3), by Arthur Bradley

Anarchy Rising (The Survivalist, book 2), by Arthur Bradley

Frontier Justice (The Survivalist, book 1), by Arthur Bradley

Contagious, by Jacqueline Druga

The Atlantis Plague: The Origin Mystery (book 2), by A.G. Riddle

The Atlantis Gene: The Origin Mystery (book 1), by A.G. Riddle

The Flu (A Novel of the Outbreak), by Jacqueline Druga

Sedulity (Book One) Impact – Sedulity Saga, by David Forsyth

Torn, by Jacqueline Druga

Last Woman, by Jacqueline Druga

Gone to Ground, by Cheryl Taylor

Obliterated: Would you know how to survive?, by CJ Hall

Obliterated 2: Violent Nature, by CJ Hall

The Cure: A Thriller, by Bradlee Frazer

The Judas Gene, by Albert S. Klainer MD & Jo-Ann Klainer

Sealed In, by Jacqueline Druga

When the Ashes Fall, by Jacqueline Druga

The 11th Plague, by Albert S. Klainer MD & Jo-Ann Klainer

Pandemic, by Joan J. Johnson

Virus, by Heath Buckley

Containment, by Kyle Kirkland

Kerri sign-off

PS: Some of the above hyperlinks go to my reviews, and others go straight to product pages at Amazon.  Either way, most of the links on this site are affiliate links, which partially help me do what I do:

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