Society’s Collapse: The Bug Out (Book 1), by Jeremy Lock

Amazon Review, 15 October 2013:

I liked this book very much. The characters developed well over time, and there were plenty of twists in the plot to keep things moving along. There’s a huge amount of action, so I think this story could be adapted to make a great movie.

This book will appeal enormously to gun fans because there are numerous lengthy descriptions of weapons and ammunition.

It will not appeal so much to readers who are interested in literature as an entertainment art form. The text is absolutely riddled with ‘txt’ words, typos, spelling errors, word choice errors and poor grammar. There are also three or four sections that make rather strong right-wing generalisations blaming working single mothers for gang violence, and complaining that 47% of Americans are welfare bludgers living the high life for free. These bits don’t contribute to the story because they’re not usefully attached to character personalities. Therefore I found them simply offensive and indulgent – but I’m glad I read on anyway.

I encourage other readers to try to overlook the things in the last paragraph, because despite what other reviewers might write, I think the ending was a stunner. Prepping is risk mitigation; not a guarantee. And that humility is what makes resilience stories so engrossing. This works as a stand-alone book, and the ending could also be a great cliffhanger to pick up from in a sequel.

And I encourage the author to keep at it, and to include some reliable/efficient proof-readers in your network. I will buy your next book, and if you edit that one so that I can be properly engrossed in the story you are telling me, I’ll buy the one after that too.


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