Obliterated: Would you know how to survive?, by C.J. Hall

Reviewed at Amazon, 2 May 2014:

I awarded 5 / 5 stars to this novel because it kept me thoroughly entertained from the outset.

One of the best aspects, for me, is that the reader does not know more about what is going on than the characters do. This is so different to so many other disaster books, and I find it refreshing and far more realistic: We are not cheated out of the journey. The characters make some odd decisions, and that too adds realism.

I’m not a fan of sci fi, but that was not an issue with this story. The story is one of figuring out how to survive, and this is the first novel (out of hundreds I’ve read) that really inspired me to ask myself, honestly, whether “if a disaster event happened right THIS minute, what would I REALLY do?” “Could I help my family?” “And what if it were a completely unanticipated type of disaster?”

Yes, I bought the second book too.

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