Book Review: Mind Plague, by Kyle Kirkland

I’m sure this book has been given a new cover since I bought my copy in 2013.  I certainly don’t recall seeing this cover before – and please don’t be put off by it!

Always attracted to the nexus between Disaster Fiction and Medical Thriller, I was pleased to find Mind Plague, and I’m pleased to report that it was not disappointing.  (It deserves a better cover!)

The official blurb is:

51hjscA-t1L“A mysterious and fatal new disease called Synapse Interruption Syndrome suddenly appears. As physicians search for answers, suspicion falls on the often maligned neurotech industry, especially Bailey Breege, who lives and works on Sherrington Island in the Caribbean and is the best known neurotech researcher.

But Bailey is convinced that his company’s brain modification products are harmless. His pursuit of the truth leads him down a path of violence and deception, and as the world teeters on the brink of a pandemic, Bailey finds himself at the very center of the storm.”

At 222 pages, this isn’t a long novel, but it kept me well entertained.  If that’s not enough bang for your buck though, especially if you are a fast reader, the Kindle edition is a far less expensive option.

This book isn’t currently ranking well at Amazon, even though it has an average of 4 / 5 stars.  Unfortunately, there are not many reviews, so perhaps it’s just not getting a lot of notice.  (Again, bring on a new cover!)

I first commented about this book at Amazon on 19 November 2013:

I very much liked this story; so much that I’ve already bought another Kirkland ebook. The characters are fallible/believable and the story is interesting, with enough twists and turns to keep things interesting – though there are a couple of loop-the-loops along the way. Well edited.

Although it’s not much of a comment, it’s been up-voted by other readers, and I was surprised to see it placed second in the list of reviewer comments four years later.  Nonetheless, I think it deserves a more comprehensive response, so I plan to re-read and write a better review for Amazon and Goodreads – with an update here also, of course!

In the meantime, here’s Suzanne L Nelson’s more considered Amazon comments (a verified purchaser), posted in late 2017:

Perhaps I have become such a fan of Mr. Kirkland’s works that I can no longer give an unbiased and critical review of his books. However, after having read Containment, Enfant Terrible (my favourite!), Neuromagic and now Mind Plague, I have nothing but praise for this superb writer.

While his novels are short, they are packed with more punch than most much longer novels I’ve read. In all of them character development is strong, the stories are fresh and imaginative, plots unfold easily yet at a page turning-can’t-put-it-down rate, and scientific and technical information is explained well, though not in a condescending nor too transparent way.

Please, Mr. Kirkland, keep writing – I can’t get enough!

Happy Reading 😀

Kerri sign-off

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