Book Review: Last Woman, by Jacqueline Druga

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The author has written about the human spirit, exploring frailties, inadequacies, resilience… and a load of other things that are relevant to the scenario. And although I think I’m different to Faye in a lot of ways, I think Druga has captured ‘humanness’ that many people could relate to – in full or in part, in one way or another. I’m sure all these things exist even in the absence of overwhelming disaster, but not so obvious unless all the superficiality of modern life is stripped away. The deeper-level journey, then, is arguably universal and confronting. Hence ‘brave’.

I’ve given 5 stars because the story was gripping. There are minor annoyances, though: Word choice and grammar and punctuation throughout the novel often obscures meaning. Normally that would drive me nuts, but this time I was too engrossed. Not entirely sure about the last person found either… but who is to say that it could not happen!  (I won’t spoil it for you.)

Hopefully Druga has engaged a proof reader for her other works. But hopefully that reader does not make editorial changes that affect the author’s voice, because the story telling is thoroughly engaging.

I loved this, and have already bought more books from this author.

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