Fatal Impact (Post-Apocalyptic Survival Book 1), by Owen Brick

Amazon Review, 18 September, 2013:

Very short. More like a condensed Readers’ Digest version than stand-alone book length. But to be fair, it was only $0.99, and it does state an estimated 50 pages length on the product page. I didn’t notice that before buying.

I quite like the way it’s written, but I do agree with another reviewer that editing would be helpful. Just a few errors (not nearly as many as in other e-books). I haven’t read much from the perspective from a character who’s not a a tough-guy hero, which I think is the difference I liked.

The tricky thing with this book is that I very much wanted something to happen. The descriptions are really interesting, and I liked the background stuff, but we never even found out the what/where/how of the event(s). Stand-alone, this is more of a thought provoker than a novel.

Nonetheless, I’ve given it four stars because it was so interesting and easy to read. Now, onto ‘book’ 2…

Keep it up Owen.


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