PhD Survey Instrument

The three original elements of my PhD survey were adapted from prior research:  Budner, S., 1962, ‘Intolerance of ambiguity as a personality variable’, Journal of Personality, Vol 30(1), pp. 29-50; Kashdan, T, Gallagher, M., Silvia, P., Winterstein, B, Breen, W., Terhar, D. & Steger, M., 2009, ‘The Curiosity and Exploration Inventory-II: Development, factor structure, and psychometrics’, Journal of Research in Personality, 43, pp. 987-998; and Wrightsman, L., 1991, ‘Interpersonal Trust and Attitudes Toward Human Nature’, Measures of Personality and Social Psychological Attitudes: Vol 1 – Measures of Social Psychological Attitudes, edited by J. Robinson, P. Shaver & L. Wrightsman, San Diego, CA, Academic Press.

Details about how these sub-scales were used to develop a Scepticism Inventory are included in Chapter 4 of my thesis.


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